We built our URL Shortener with speed, simplicity and data privacy in mind. And because none of the existing option met our standards. By leveraging the latest technologies and best practices we created a solution that makes other URL shorteners superior to all others, in any way imaginable. Let’s explain why..

HOPLA.to is the Fastest URL Shortener, period.

Website loading times are among the most important metrics that directly influence your bottom line. Factions of seconds can have significant negative effects on your website performance. For more information, read these blogs:

How Loading Times Affect Your Bottomline

Impact of slow page load time on website performance 

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So if you spent a ton of time and money to optimise your website loading times, you really shouldn’t be using a slow URL shortener, right?

Because other URL shortners need servers to run, their speed relies on the latency between the person that clicks your link, and their server. Your URL shortener also add an additional point of failure. HOPLA.to Shortner is built on serverless computing, and runs in 194 datacenters around the world. This assures the lowest latency and best performance regardless the origin of the click.

‘1 second of load lag time would cost amazon $1.6 billion in sales per year.’ – Amazon

‘A lagtime of 400ms results in a decrease of 0.44% traffic – In real terms this amounts to 440 million abondoned sessions/month and a massive loss in advertising revenue for Google.’ – Google

‘When load time jump from 1 second to 4 seconds, conversions decline sharply. For every 1 second of improvement, we experience 2% conversions increase.’ – Walmart

‘An extra 0.5 seconds in each search page generation would cause traffic to drop by 20%.’ – Google

Pingdom wrote two articles about: Is Goo.gl really the fastest URL shortener? and URL shortener speed and reliability shootout.. Let’s compare ourselves to the fastest and most reliable players in the market. All numbers are averages at the time of testing. If you click the links the tests will open in a new tab and re-run. For most reliable results, run them twice in a row.